Mouse Infestations

Mice are a common pest control problem we deal with. We recieve calls from worried house owners throughout the year regarding mouse infestations, but when the temperature begins to drop and winter sets in more and more people begin hearing them scurrying noises in their lofts.

A recent example occured in Bury St Edmunds where we were called out to a domestic property. In this case they had not heard the common scratching noises from the roof. The reason they had called us was because every month or two they would have a mouse infestation, usually in the kitchen. Tired of using the same pest control company everytime they chose to call us instead.

Like with all rodent infestations we began by talking to the client, what had they heard? seen? found?

We began to build a picture of what was happening. Mouse droppings would be found in the kitchen draws and cubboards, particulary under the sink. Sometimes mouse droppings would also be found upstairs. This would happen quite regulary throughout the year and every time their usual pest controller would arrive and bait in the locations where evidence had been found and 'clear-up' the problem.

Our survey began downstairs, under the kitchen units. Behind the kick plates large numbers of mouse droppings were present. Importantly there were gaps around the pipes under the sink.

Moving through the house we paid particular attention to the upstairs bathroom and airing cubboard. Under the bath and in the airing cubboard we found more mouse droppings.

Next was the loft. The client informed us that they did not think there was anything 'up there' as they hadn't heard any noises. On inspection it was no surprise they hadn't heard anything. The insulation was ten inches thick, and absolutely covered in mouse droppings. Many of the clients belongings had been nibbled on and some wires were also showing signs of gnawing.

Living quite comfortably in the insulated loft the mice had been breeding rampantly. Mice are quite territorial and young mice are forced away every 6-8 weeks. Instead of heading out into the wild the young mice in this case were following the water pipes down into the house.

Our treatment was to bait the loft area heavily and then to use tamper resistant bait boxes downstairs and in the living areas. Several visits were required to bring the problem under control. Once the problem had been removed we worked on preventing it from happening again.

Walking around the outside of the property we discovered two possible access points, a broken air vent which we soon covered over and ivy growing up the side of the building. Mice are amazing climbers and can run up a wall like it was running accross flat ground, any vegitation or hole in the wall will prove too inviting and encourage mice to enter your home.

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