Pest Control in Ipswich

With a population in excess of 130,000 Ipswich is the largest town in Suffolk, lying on the river Orwell has been a major port into Suffolk and the East of England.

It is these two factors which makes Ipswich the most likely place for us to be called to perform pest treatments for bedbugs and cockroaches. Both bedbugs and cockroaches do appear all across Suffolk however they are more plentiful in Ipswich due to its greater urbanisation and flow of people.

Ipswich docks is one of the most likely places to find the Black Rat Rattus rattus here in the Uk, although the last recorded sighting was in the late 1970s. Black rats or Ship rats as they are often known use to once be a common mammal here in the Uk, and it was the Black rat which carried the bubonic plague which once nearly wiped out mankind in Europe. Since the arrival of the Common or Brown Rat Rattus norvegicus the Black Rat has been on the retreat and is now virtually extinct in Great Britain.

Despite the absence of the Black Rat, Ipswich like most other large towns and cities has a healthy population of Brown rats. Often living in sewers you are never far away from one. Asides from the damage they cause when they get into your loft or house they are a seriously dangerous creature – they do bite but it is the deadly diseases some carry which is what you need to fearful of. Weils disease is not especially common - which actually makes it more dangerous as many medical staff may not be familiar with its symptoms. If you have a rat problem in your home or garden its best to get it dealt with quickly as possible.

Wasp nests in Ipswich are common hazard in the summer months. We treat wasps nests in Ipswich with powerful insecticidal dust at the entrance to the nest. Wasps nests are usually destroyed within a few hours of our treatments. We collect honey bees in the Ipswich area, if the bees cannot be relocated we offer a treatment to destroy them, this is only performed if certain criteria are met (please call us for further information).

Cockroach treatments in Ipswich usually utilise the latest cockroach bait. Special profsessional use only formulations can knock-out even difficult cockroach infestations. Once the cockroach has fed upon our baits it returns to its harbourage where it will not only die, it will become bait for the other cockroaches (cockroaches are cannabilistic) sharing the same hiding place.

Bedbugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Our treatments for bedbugs in ipswich use the most potent insecticides which are still safe to use around children and pets to achieve results as quickly as possible. It will likely require several visits to completely eradicate a bedbug infestation (even bedbugs which have been sprayed can continue to live for several days), where we will use different formulations to avoid resistence build up of a bedbug infestation.

Mole trapping and catching in Ipswich is carried out with traditional traps. The art of mole removal requires a good knowledge of mole behaviour and knowing when and how to set which traps. We chareg an inital fee for our mole control in Ipswich, this fee covers the first two moles we remove. Thereafter each mole has a bounty on its head, so you only pay for what we catch. If you need some mole control in Ipswich call us on 0800 046 7433 

For any pest related problem call The Suffolk Pest Control Company Ltd, we could be your fifth emergency service!