Pest Control in Thetford

The small market town of Thetford is located just over the border from Suffolk in Norfolk and is in the district of Breckland.

Anyone familiar with Thetford will no doubt have seen the countless mole hills which erupt in the parks, gardens and most grass verges which surround the towns centre.

Moles spend their days underground working four hour shifts, that is they hunt for worms and other invertebrates for roughly four hours then retire to sleep in a nest chamber for four hours. Whilst awake the industrious mole will not only hunt for his dinner he will clean any soil which has dropped down into his tunnels, this excavated soil is what makes the nuisance molehills.

We have many clients in the parish whom rely on us to keep them mole free, these include domestic home owners wishing to maintain their gardens and also two local schools – whose playing fields and sports tracks are often under attack.

Our mole services include an initial survey; this is often especially easy as the moles leave clear signals as to their location!

Unlike some pest control companies who may chose to use gassing, we only use traditional trapping techniques with the latest traps to remove moles and we are members of The Traditional Mole Catchers Registrar.  We use three different types of professional mole trap to achieve results in the quickest fashion possible.

Gassing mole tunnels – we believe, is a potentially dangerous affair, often mole tunnels will lie just under the surface which may allow gas to escape upwards. Also it is part of our ethos to avoid using chemicals when possible.

Often we are called to gardens which have ‘electronic mole repellars’ stuck in the ground. We recommend that you save your money as these devices may only provide you with temporary relief and will often draw the moles back into your garden to investigate. Mole repellers work on the principle that as moles are extra sensitive to vibrations and noises that my emitting intermittent sounds/vibrations the moles will flee the area (likely ending up in another part of your garden!). However moles like many mammals are curious creatures and if such noises really did work you not would expect to find any molehills alongside a busy road – imagine the noise and vibrations a twenty ton lorry makes as it comes down the road!

If you need pest control in Thetford or anywhere in East Anglia and have a mole problem please feel free to contact us for a quotation.