Silverfish Lapisma saccharina get there name from their appearance and the way they move. They are known to be an exceptionally old insect dating back hundreds of millions of years. They take their name from their apperance and to look at they do somewhat resemble a fish?

  • Risks

    Sliverfish are a classified as a textile pest however these guys are pretty much harmless, although if left to gather in large numbers they may damage book bindings, paper and fabrics.

  • Treatment

    A residual insecticide spray around floor/wall junctions and around any furniture which may provide harbourages will be sufficient to eradicate this mostly harmless little insects.

  • Life Cycle

    Silverfish are slow to reproduce with females only laying 20 eggs per year. Once the eggs have hatched the young Silverfish molt four times over a six month period before becoming adults.

    They require a damp environment or at least high humidity.