Service Contracts

We provide Service Contracts for many businesses, organisations and also some domestic clients. A service agreement with us usually consists of us providing an agreed number of routine visits and inspections. We survey the site and inspect pest monitoring stations and bait boxes taking action where needed and completing detailed job sheets, so that a record of our visit and findings will be maintained on site in a Service Folder.

If we discover a possible pest issue we will provide a treatment to remedy the problem and usually schedule a further visit at an appropriate time to monitor the situation. If you should discover a pest problem between our scheduled visits we will attend immediately free of charge as part of the terms of our agreement with you.

For many orgainsations which have food preperation facilities professional pest control is a necessity to maintain pest free conditions and meet legal requirements.

If you would like to discuss a possible service agreement, how to change pest control providers or would like a free survey please contact us.