Honorary Member Russell Wallis

The Suffolk Pest Control Company Ltd is proud to announce that we have a new honorary member of our team - Russell Wallis.

Russ is a regular visitor at 'Wood-N-Stuff' (also know as The Centre) a chariety we favour which is located on Station Hill in Bury St Edmunds.

Through his commitment to ensuring Harry Redknapp (our Border Terrier) is well cared for on our visits to the centre, we have created this post for him so that he can receive the recognition he deserves (and craves!).

We sincerely would like to thank Russell for all his help, not only for caring for our dogs but for his help with our honey beehives and all his videos and messages. We look forward to many more and wish him all the very best.


And Russ, if you are reading this, 'honorary' means we don't have to pay you!