Pest Pages

Whatever pest problem you have we will have the solution, through thorough training and a somewhat bizarre fascination with pest species The Suffolk Pest Control Company Ltd can deal with your unwelcome guests thoroughly and effectively. By using the best products, techniques and equipment in the field of pest control we carry a powerful arsenal of insecticides, rodenticides, traps and application equipment.

Treatments vary according to the situation and pest we are dealing with. It is our goal to provide you with appropriate advice and solve the problem as quickly and humanely as possible. Wherever possible we will try to limit the amounts of pesticides used and take all necessary precautions to avoid affecting non-target species.

As a large part of work comes to us through referrals we try to build a positive relationship with our clients. It is not unusual for us to conduct a survey and offer some advice free of charge.

Insect Identification

If you have discovered something unusual which has given you cause for concern we will happily take a look at it for you and see if we cannot only identify what it is but advise you on its life cycle and what can be done to remove the offending insects and prevent their return.


If we do our job right we will not only get rid of the problem which caused you to call us out, we'll make sure it doesn't return. This may not sound great for our business, however we know that you will appreciate a good service and hopefully recommend us to your neighbours and friends.

Wildlife Management

Because we are rurally based a significant amount of work is dealing with pests which fall into the category of wildlife management. These include rats, mice, moles, squirrels, birds, rabbits, mink and deer. However we also provide services which help people deal with other wildlife such as protected species like badgers and otters. We are not simply useful for removing animals, we can also assist in habitat creation and maintenance.


We have worked closely with Environment Officers to bring failing commercial kitchens up to regulation, although if you are experiencing a pest problem we sincerely advise you to contact us before EO step in. We can advise and help you to meet your legal obligations through our discreet and professional service.