Mole Catching in Suffolk

Based just outside Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk we provide professional Mole Catching services throughout Suffolk.

Moles and Molehills are a nuisance and destructive force in gardens and on lawns. The mole runs make lawns feel 'spongy' and can cause indentations where the tunnels collapse.

We only use traditional mole trapping techniques to catch moles and we are members of the British Traditional Molecatchers Register.

Catching moles can be quite quick, and then sometimes can be quite difficult! Moles can, and do 'wise-up' to traps. Fortunately we have some tricks to ensure that we always catch our moles.

Our own mole catching services are regulary employed in and around Bury St Edmunds and many of our Approved Partners also carry out mole trapping and removal outside of Suffolk -please call or email with your postcode to ensure we can cover you.

Once moles have become established in an area it may take some time to remove them all, moles do not respect our boundaries and when one mole is removed a neighbouring mole may move into take up the vacant territory.

If you need mole control services in Suffolk or any location in England please call or email us soon.