False Widow Spider Removal

False Widow Spiders have recently become an issue for many people in the Uk.

AS the spiders spread northwards and with an explosion in numbers in 2013 has led to many people contacting us seeking some remedy for the presence of these spiders in their homes and businesses.

Although they are THE MOST VENOMOUS SPIDER IN THE UK, they are not actually all that venomous. The bite from Steatado Nobilis - the most poisonous of the false widow spiders is similar to that of a bee sting.

Our first recommendation to anyone finding these spiders is not to panic and if concerned by there presence; kill them on sight. A rolled up newspaper, slipper or vacuum cleaner usually does the trick. If however the thought of dualing in hand-to-hand combat with a false widow spider is too much to bare an insecticidal (like fly spray) areosol licensed for use on spiders will do the job. With effective at ranges of several feet you'll find a short squirt will make them history.

PLEASE NOTE false widow spiders something of a 'new pest' for the pest control industry to deal with and we are not aware of anything which can be done to prevent spiders from entering a property. All of our treatments have a maximum life-span of no more than three months so the likelyhood is that the spiders will return at some time.

We are unable to offer any guarentees on our spider treatments as like all aracnids, spiders are notoriously difficult to control with residual insecticides. Our initial fumigation will destroy all insects and aracnids present.

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