Pest Control with Birds of Prey

The Suffolk Pest Control Company Ltd is pleased to now offer the services of Lavenham Falconry for pest control with birds of prey.

The use of raptors in pest control is a long established method of utilising raptors natural behaviour to keep areas free of nuisance birds (pigeons and gulls) and also catch pest birds in confined spaces.

Our friends and experienced raptor handlers of at Lavenham Falconry are skilled at dealing with various bird related pest control problems, if you require help with a bird related pest please contact us or Lavenham Falconry directly on 01787 249744

If you are interested in learning more about these fascinating birds of prey, or would like to experience the thrill of flying and even hunting with Hawks and Falcons then we sincerely recommend contacting Lavenham Falconry. Lavenham Falconry offer a variety of exciting 'experience days' covering many aspects of Falconry.