Rare Breed Poultry

The Suffolk Pest Control Company is pleased to announce the arrival of a new sideline to our pest control activities - rare breed poultry breeding!

Our interest in keeping fowl stems from director Martins youth... 'as a young lad of seven or eight I started keeping a variety of poultry - Marans, Pekins, Polish bantams even some Kharki Cambell ducks; It turned out to be my introduction into dealing with rats. I use to set traps for them and check them daily before and after school, to be honest I found the rats more interesting than the chickens'.

Pandering to Martins childhood memories we have built facilities for us to breed a few of the rarerĀ breeds. We are still currently building our stock up but hope to have some hatching eggs available next year.

We stock Sumatra Game and Pile Old English Game, both as large fowl.

If you are interested in our birds please contact us by EMAIL ONLY.