Fencing Services

The best way to prevent damage from wildlife to gardens, forestry and crops is fencing. It provides a long lasting barrier and is a humane solution to re-occuring wildlife issues.

The most common form of fencing we provide is for Rabbit proofing. The key to successful rabbit proofing is to ensure rabbits can't bury under the fence, and with deer we have to make sure they can't get over it.We also supply semi-permenant electric fencing.

With growing numbers of Muntjc deer in the country we are recieving increasing requests to remove them and prevent their return.

More unusually we have had calls regarding roaming Otters investigating chicken runs. Along with Badgers, Otters are protected species, so fencing is the only option available - providing the fencing does not put the animals at risk (force them onto roads etc).

If you have a fencing requirement for wildlife issues please feel free to contact us 0800 046 7433 or by email.