Rats in your chicken Coop

Got chickens? Got rats too? Need help?

Ask anyone acclimatised with country living and they'll probably eventually tell you that if you keep chickens, sooner or later you'll get rats. Its a pretty fair statement, especially when you consider just about every garden across the country will have at least one rat travel through it tonight. Build a chicken coop, add food and water and those rats which usually pass through will move in to be closer and soon enough you'll become aware of their presence.

What do you do about it? Our advice is to be prepared to have rats. We're not telling you to get yourself into a state mentally readiness, although if you are squeamish about rats it is time to 'Man-up'. What we suggest is that you get yourself ready for when you discover old Rolland has tunnelled under your hen house and have a plan ready to deal with him.

As a professional pest control company we do offer our services for one-off treatments and ongoing service agreements - maintaining a rat free environment for you and your poultry.

As we ourselves keep poultry we have developed a stratagy to keep our own birds safe from dastardly rats (rats will take eggs and chicks, and also attack adult birds and have been known to gnaw toes off in the hen house). We maintian rat free conditions for oursleves with a combination of well placed bait stations, traps and control over nearby habitat. Routine inspections keep us on top of any activity and prevent an infestation taking hold.

If you would like expert advice or help on keeping your birds and coop free from the damage and potential dangers of rat infestations please call us to arrange an appointment or discuss a specific problem.