Honey Bee Relocation

Interested in Bee Keeping?

Every year we recieve dozens of calls to properties where a swarm of bees has landed. Whenever possible to avoid destroying these wonderful creatures we relocate them. This year Wood N Stuff, a local charity for disabled people here in Bury St Edmunds have been employed to build us some national beehives for the homeless swarms we help relocate.

These saved swarms in their new homes will be available along with a full years membership to The Suffolk Bee Keepers Association to anyone wishing to get into the hobby of bee-keeping.

If you are interested in joining a waiting list to take one of our swarms please email us and we will get back to you with details and prices.

We are happy to help with your questions, however we have ourselves only recently started keeping bees. So for good advice on bee keeping we recommend contacting a Bee Keeping Association.