German Wasp

The German wasp Vespula germanica is also known as the European wasp and is one of the more common of the social wasp species.

German Wasps are quite easy to identify, they have three black dots on their face. They are also slightly larger than the Common wasp being on average 12-15mm in length and queens being 20mm. They nest just about everywhere, particulary common in the ground and but also in roofs. Their nests are made from mulching wood fibres and creating a covering of shell shaped leafs, German wasps nests tend to be greyer in colouration.

Like all other social wasps these guys can sting, reactions vary and can be extreme - regardless of previous reactions to stings. Nests will eventually die off in winter after producing next years crop of fertilised queens. Please view the page entitled Wasps Nests for more information of lifecycles and treatments.