Red Ant

There are nine species Red Ant in the UK, we'll just talk about the most common Myrmica rubra.

Red ants are common around dwellings and in the garden, they are an aggressive ant and can sting as well as bite.

Colonies are quite small reaching around a 1000 individuals, they eat other insects and also harvest aphids for their honey-dew.

  • Risks

    Red ants common enter homes and will be attracted by sugary substances.

    Red ants have mandibles to bite with and is keen to use its sting. The sting produces a reaction similar to stinging nettles.

  • Treatment

    Insecticide sprays into and around nests will take care of these aggressive ants.

    Barrier sprays are an effective measure if the location of the nest is unknown.

    Baits may also be employed.

  • Life Cycle

    Red Ant colonies centre around a queen who live upto ten years producing eggs which the workers tend to and feed when hatched. Like other species Red ants produce fertile queens and males for a nuptial flight which takes place in August on a humid day. After breeding the males will die and the queens will lose their wings and begin creating a new colony.