Roe Deer

Roe Deer are one of the three native species of deer found in the UK, once hunted for sport and meat by kings now their numbers coninue to increase. Unless you are in the forestry industry these animals will no doubt be a pleasure to view and welcome guests in a rural garden showing a preference for grass. 

Roe deer are quite small animals compared to other larger deer species, males or 'Roebucks' tend to be larger than the Does and can be told apart by the presence of antlers (females or 'Roe deer' have none).

The antlers of the Roebuck are short and knobily, with only upto three points - a single point being a younger animal. The antlers are needed for the rut which takes place in summer to settle ownership of territories ready to mate in the autumn. Roe deer have a gestation period of 10 months and usually give birth to twins, one of each sex. If they are successful and reach maturity they can begin reproducing at a year and half old.

If you have deer problem we can provide deer proof fencing, net and relocate animals trapped in confined areas or arrange for culling.