The Grey Squirrel is not a native to our shores, originally from America they were brought here in 1876 and released at several different sites across the UK.

Grey squirrels are now a common sight in our parks and throughout the countryside, inspite of their status as a pest they're numbers continue to increase. They are found in every English town and asides from a few last strongholds of our native Red squirrel, every forest and wood. The Red Squirrel, which being smaller and susceptible to the squirrelpox virus is now close to being an endangered species in the UK

Although fascinating to watch the grey Squirrel can be a disaster if you have one living in your loft. Loud bouncing noises on the beams and joists in your loft may indicate you have one. Usually we are called to discover that the problem is actually rats or even wood mice.

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  • Risks

    The odd squirrel in your garden scratching round for nuts is a pleasant sight. A squirrel distroying your bird feeder and stealing all their food, slightly less pleasant - however, remember if you put bird food out you will not always get birds come to feed upon it. If the only trouble a squirrel is causing you is bird feed, buy yourself a better bird feeder. It cheaper and nothing needs to die.

    Squirrels are guilty of far more crimes than just raiding the odd bird feeder. They will take songbird eggs and chicks from the nest. They also eat the buds from flower beds and plants and trees, and cause a serious amount of damage to forestry each year through bark stripping.

    Our main call for squirrel control comes from home owners who discover one in their lofts. A squirrel in a loft can absolutely destroy all the insulation to make a drey for themselves. Like rats and mice they must gnaw in order to prevent their teeth from over growing. It is this constant requirement for them to gnaw which puts wiring risk and creates the potential for house fires.

  • Treatment

    The usual solution to a squirrel problem is a trapping programme. Depending upon the situation ‘live catch’ traps maybe employed to prevent the risk of trapping a non-target species.

    Alternative to traps, anti-coagulent squirrel bait is available to use.

    If the squirrel problem is located within the property proofing measures will need to be carried out to prevent re-infestation at a later date.

  • Life Cycle

    Grey Squirrels can and do breed all year in mild climates. The gestation period for squirrels is about forty five days with the young independent after sixteen weeks.

    Like other rodents squirrels are omniverous, as well as nuts they will eat songbird chicks and eggs, tree shoots, flowers, fruits, roots and seeds.

    Squirrels make themselves homes known as ‘dreys’, dreys are made from twigs and leaves and can often be seen high up in a fork of a tree. If a squirrel takes up residency in your loft your insulation will make an ideal substitute to twigs and leaves.